Questions To Ask Your Stylist before Your Hair Color

 How much experience does hairstylist have?

When you are going for a hair color appointment, make sure it`ll not going to be a confusing experience. Whether it’s the first time you`re coloring your strands or you occupy a knowledgeable color chameleon, it’s significant to ask a question before coloring your hair, before you upswept in Google searches to turn to your stylist.

With extensive professional experience and expertise make hairstylist easy to comprehend your hair care concerns and styles – look the best for you. Alongside, their professional experience and expertise in the beauty industry makes them easy to understand your concern about the look and feel of hair. Well, hair color is a crucial part of your look, therefore, asking questions to your stylist is an important part of the hair color consultation. Now, if you are not sure what to ask?

Here, our professionals have shared some exeriences that you can take into account before your next color appointment takes place:

Do you have a portfolio?

As usually, portfolio express a thousand words. When you enter a salon, stylists’ portfolio creates an impression that encourages you to select a stylist. To select your desired hair color, you can also share pictures of celebrities or photos online for easily expressing your expectations to a stylist. Be careful, that most of the online images are edited or the model could be tiring extensions or a wig, so don’t fret! Thanks to professional, who can easily point out and can guide you towards your dream hair!

 Is there any consultation before the service?

While booking an appointment, make sure to take a consultation before. This is where you interact with your stylist to ensure that you both are on the same page before initiating the process. At the time of your consultation, your stylist will answer your queries or concerns that you may have with your hair goal. In addition, it is a key point for the stylist to break down the price of service for you.

Some of the key points that need to be covered during your consultation:

  • Whether or not it’s possible to achieve your hair color. If not, then suitable steps to achieve your hair goal.
  • The total time mandatory for color process
  • The exact amount of color treatment service
  • Steps to maintain and keep it last long

 Is it possible to achieve the desired look?

No doubt, it is one of the most important questions that you are expecting from your stylist to answer. Fortunately, it will be answered during your consultation – as your hair stylist firstly work with you and then would be able to inform you about the outcome.

For different people, they have different hair story – few have thick/coarse hair, others have thin/fine hair. On the other side of the coin, some have pre-existing hair color, while some have virgin hair that has never had a color service. Make sure to consider these important factors that can affect the result of your hair color service. A little contribution is from the stylist’s as well, whose interest can help you to achieve desired hair goals while keeping the integrity of your hair in mind. A lot of salons provide a benefit of multiple sessions along with their services includes – in-salon treatments and take-home hair care.

Here is a list of top celebrity hairstylists and their work.

 What does my service include & how much will it cost?

Honestly, telling nobody wants to be amazed at the counter, that is why your hair stylist believes in providing you with a breakdown of the complete services at the end of your consultation.


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