How to choose a good nail salon?

A professional manicure service is now more popular than ever. Each year more women decide to open their own nail salon. However, before we decide which one to visit you need to pay attention to few important details. If you want to be satisfied with the outcome there are few things you need to pay attention to apart from the price. A professional salon should follow a strict set of rules of hygiene to make sure that procedures are safe. ¬†important things to look for in a good nail salon. It’s a good to do this checklist to ensure a good experience and an excellent manicure.


Hygiene and cleanliness in the salon are the first things you need to pay attention to. It can influence your health, safety and comfort. Apart from overall clean space and neat look of the stylist, it is important to pay attention to the details.  Metal tools (nippers, file bits and removal tools etc.) should be thoroughly sterilised before our visit. Tha bag where the clean tools are stored should be tightly closed and have a date of the last sterilisation. The stylist should open the bag in your presence. Make sure that your manicure will be performed with a new, unused file, the same with the other tools and accessories that are considered single use products. A stylist should have a disinfecting spray at hand (like a Skinsept) which she will use to disinfect hands and feet at the beginning of the visit. A Salon should have a clean toilet and sink. Remember that hygienic standards are described by a Sanepid (Public health service). Following them is a necessary requirement and makes our visit safe for health.

Product quality

Working with professional, high-quality products is always a sign of a good nail salon. If we see a drugstore or no-name brands we should be worried. It’s very important for people with allergies. It’s worth to ask the stylist if the products that are being used are hypoallergenic. Effect of allergy can be very uncomfortable or even harmful they are not worth it no matter how pretty the manicure is. Moreover, professional products used in the right way guarantee a durable manicure.


If we are looking for a nail salon on the internet usually the first test is the quality of manicure. We judge it mostly by pictures. Pay attention if the manicure on the pictures is neat and aesthetic. Cuticles should not be damaged and nails should have a nice shape and the same length. They can’t be too flat or too thin. A nail created in the proper way, with a correct C curve not only looks great but is resistant to chipping. We should be able to enjoy a good manicure for several weeks!


A professional nail stylist is a person that finished a course in nail styling and has a certificate to prove it. Of course, talent is also a huge factor but it’s the training that gives the knowledge about a proper way to build a nail and rules of hygiene in the salon.

However, training is not everything. The hours of training are required to apply the received knowledge. A good stylist should strive for perfection and keep improving their work. Finishing additional training and workshops in for example nail art is a big plus and provides a broad range of services.


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