How to choose a Good Nail Salon and Avoid Disaster!

Every woman who has ever gone to a nail salon has had at least one experience they could have gone without. Perhaps the technician got a little too friendly with the cuticle cutter and nipped you, or maybe she gave you attitude because you called out a mistake. Whatever the case may have been, it was unpleasant and the reason to follow these five simple guidelines for picking a salon.

Do the research! This cannot be stressed enough. With Yelp at our fingertips, it is important to check reviews and photos posted by customers. This tip can help avoid a lot of unwarranted surprises and will also let you know what to expect when you go to the salon.

Cleanliness is key! Always pay attention to how the salon treats their tools and dirty items. It’s ok if the pedicure is $10, but make sure its not because they’re cutting costs by not using cleaning supplies! Don’t be shy to ask questions, either. There’s nothing less enjoyable than going in for a pedicure and coming out with a foot infection!

Be aware of the product they use on you. As a customer, you must have a clear idea of what they are putting on your nails! Is it soak-off soft gel or Shellac? Is it acrylic? There is a huge difference on how each system is applied and taken off.

Say no to painful pedicures! It is not ok to pay for painful nail services! If it hurts, your nail technician is not properly trained. If you have acrylic nails, a technician should never jam anything between your old extensions and nail beds to take them off; it will rip your natural nails and cause a lot of damage. Also, metal or sand paper drills should never touch your natural nail bed. Both examples are absolute no-no’s in the nail world and can lead to severe thinning of the nails. Your experience should be relaxing and beautifying, not bleeding and cringing!

Health first! Is the technician too busy trying to sell you a more expensive service to notice that maybe your nails need to breath? Nail salons are not only responsible for cosmetic appearances but also maintaining the health of your nails. A good technician will keep you a first priority.

In order to avoid nail salon disasters these tips are equally important and should be used as deciding factors. The goal is to maximize your positive experiences and eliminate any negative ones. It’s your money and time, why waste it?

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