Top 8 Women Hairstyle Trends to Look Out For in 2018.

A New Year will always welcome fresh starts and new beginnings of all kinds and it looks like 2018 is off to a good start on hairstyle trends. Only a few months into the year and there are already interesting trends that have come up that will help to define styles in 2018 and maybe even in the upcoming year. Below are the top 8 women hairstyle trends to look out for this year.

  1. Low Maintenance Bangs.

Low maintenance shaggy bangs are very popular this year because of their styling which requires low maintenance and cool feeling. There are many bangs that are not blunt or full fringe but if you want your bangs to be less stressful, we suggest going a little more wispy or part in the center.

  1. No Fuss Bob.

If you are looking for a minimalist style which lets you wash and go easily, then the No Fuss Bob might be the style for you. The aspect of this style stays away from a lot of layers and it also works very well for fine hair. Some women have also taken the style a step further by bringing the hair up to ear-length but the chin-grazing length is always more ideal.

  1. Deep Side Part.

Although middle parts are very popular in fashion shows, there are several deep side parts that make use of the old Hollywood style in nature. These deep side parts come with natural textures of all types and lengths that range from very long locks to bobs. A deep side part style can be even more fun to accessorize with pins and barrettes.

  1. New Shag.

The new shag style started gaining a lot of popularity throughout 2017 and has continued to be popular among women in 2018 as well. It is not necessarily new, it welcomes the easy styling and natural texture of several upcoming trends while at the same time including a necessary mid-length cut to the mix.

  1. Blunt Shag.

The blunt shag style is all about texture and unlike the new shag style, it manages to hit a little higher up the chin. Whether it comes with bangs or not, this style is all about acquiring that much-needed mid-shaft accompanied by texturizing sprays. This style is well-suited for bob style lovers who are looking for something new to try out.

  1. Wash and Wear Long.


The overwhelming agreement among hairstylists everywhere is that most women desire long, silky locks that go well with their natural waves and bends. Just like the no-fuss bob, this style is also wash-and-go and will ensure that hair straighteners are kept at bay unless you need to touch up a few spots.

  1. Long Pixie.

The super short pixie is not as popular as it was in 2017. The long pixie has replaced it and it enables you to play around with its texture if your hair is curly or wavy or create a look that is sleek and well-defined if your hair is straight. For a more complimenting frame, make sure that the front sections of the bangs are swept to the side.

  1. Volumized Pixie.

If you are looking for a style that is slightly more daring than the normal pixie, you can take it even shorter with this amazing pixie style that goes well with volume and texture more than your average pixie. It works very well with curly hair.

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