How to choose a good nail salon?

A professional manicure service is now more popular than ever. Each year more women decide to open their own nail salon. However, before we decide which one to visit you need to pay attention to few important details. If you want to be satisfied with the outcome there are few things you need to pay attention to apart from the price. A professional salon should follow a strict set of rules of hygiene to make sure that procedures are safe.  important things to look for in a good nail salon. It’s a good to do this checklist to ensure a good experience and an excellent manicure.


Hygiene and cleanliness in the salon are the first things you need to pay attention to. It can influence your health, safety and comfort. Apart from overall clean space and neat look of the stylist, it is important to pay attention to the details.  Metal tools (nippers, file bits and removal tools etc.) should be thoroughly sterilised before our visit. Tha bag where the clean tools are stored should be tightly closed and have a date of the last sterilisation. The stylist should open the bag in your presence. Make sure that your manicure will be performed with a new, unused file, the same with the other tools and accessories that are considered single use products. A stylist should have a disinfecting spray at hand (like a Skinsept) which she will use to disinfect hands and feet at the beginning of the visit. A Salon should have a clean toilet and sink. Remember that hygienic standards are described by a Sanepid (Public health service). Following them is a necessary requirement and makes our visit safe for health.

Product quality

Working with professional, high-quality products is always a sign of a good nail salon. If we see a drugstore or no-name brands we should be worried. It’s very important for people with allergies. It’s worth to ask the stylist if the products that are being used are hypoallergenic. Effect of allergy can be very uncomfortable or even harmful they are not worth it no matter how pretty the manicure is. Moreover, professional products used in the right way guarantee a durable manicure.


If we are looking for a nail salon on the internet usually the first test is the quality of manicure. We judge it mostly by pictures. Pay attention if the manicure on the pictures is neat and aesthetic. Cuticles should not be damaged and nails should have a nice shape and the same length. They can’t be too flat or too thin. A nail created in the proper way, with a correct C curve not only looks great but is resistant to chipping. We should be able to enjoy a good manicure for several weeks!


A professional nail stylist is a person that finished a course in nail styling and has a certificate to prove it. Of course, talent is also a huge factor but it’s the training that gives the knowledge about a proper way to build a nail and rules of hygiene in the salon.

However, training is not everything. The hours of training are required to apply the received knowledge. A good stylist should strive for perfection and keep improving their work. Finishing additional training and workshops in for example nail art is a big plus and provides a broad range of services.


How to choose a Good Nail Salon and Avoid Disaster!

Every woman who has ever gone to a nail salon has had at least one experience they could have gone without. Perhaps the technician got a little too friendly with the cuticle cutter and nipped you, or maybe she gave you attitude because you called out a mistake. Whatever the case may have been, it was unpleasant and the reason to follow these five simple guidelines for picking a salon.

Do the research! This cannot be stressed enough. With Yelp at our fingertips, it is important to check reviews and photos posted by customers. This tip can help avoid a lot of unwarranted surprises and will also let you know what to expect when you go to the salon.

Cleanliness is key! Always pay attention to how the salon treats their tools and dirty items. It’s ok if the pedicure is $10, but make sure its not because they’re cutting costs by not using cleaning supplies! Don’t be shy to ask questions, either. There’s nothing less enjoyable than going in for a pedicure and coming out with a foot infection!

Be aware of the product they use on you. As a customer, you must have a clear idea of what they are putting on your nails! Is it soak-off soft gel or Shellac? Is it acrylic? There is a huge difference on how each system is applied and taken off.

Say no to painful pedicures! It is not ok to pay for painful nail services! If it hurts, your nail technician is not properly trained. If you have acrylic nails, a technician should never jam anything between your old extensions and nail beds to take them off; it will rip your natural nails and cause a lot of damage. Also, metal or sand paper drills should never touch your natural nail bed. Both examples are absolute no-no’s in the nail world and can lead to severe thinning of the nails. Your experience should be relaxing and beautifying, not bleeding and cringing!

Health first! Is the technician too busy trying to sell you a more expensive service to notice that maybe your nails need to breath? Nail salons are not only responsible for cosmetic appearances but also maintaining the health of your nails. A good technician will keep you a first priority.

In order to avoid nail salon disasters these tips are equally important and should be used as deciding factors. The goal is to maximize your positive experiences and eliminate any negative ones. It’s your money and time, why waste it?

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Eyelash Extensions and Nail Salons

The virgin brazilian remy hair that we offer is completely organic. This means that once the weave or extensions are in place, the hair can be dyed, curled, flat ironed, and washed just as with real hair. “If a customer chooses the curly brazilian hair and flat irons it straight, once it is washed, the curly texture will return, just as real curly hair behaves”, added Ms. Strunk. You can check out good styles for nails by a reputable salon. To do that, just click here.
There are many reasons for choosing remy hair including those with thinning hair or to conveniently and quickly add volume and length. Whatever the reason for wanting hair extensions or weaves, many women and even men have found the virgin and organic remy hair the best way to get the thickness and feel that helps instantly boost self-confidence for the wearer.

About us

Our salon was founded more than 10 years ago, and it is the ultimate online retailers having sold more than 66,000 hair extensions and wigs to date. The company has grown through word of mouth advertising and many licensed cosmetologists have sent the company referrals internationally. The company strives to always offer the latest and best products at affordable prices and provides the best customer service in the industry.OUr salon offers unprocessed, organic, and natural brazilian hair and weaves.


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Phone: (734) 340-6503

What Makes a Hair Salon Successful

There might be a ton of components required in working an effective hair salon. You may have secured a portion of the basic viewpoints, for example, the area of the hair salon, and the greater part of the required hardware. You may have the best beauticians, and you might feel that your arrangement is finished as the odds of achievement have all the earmarks of being to support you, however, with a nearer examination, there might be some imperative points of interest that may have been disregarded. The subtle elements can mean the achievement or disappointment of your business. For bail bonds service, just click the link.

Working an effective hair salon includes a great deal more than styling and trimming hair. You should get comfortable with an extensive variety of hair items. You ought to end up noticeably an expert on various items, and ought to have the capacity to offer some guidance to your clients on the best possible utilize. You should likewise be acquainted with different hair sorts, and offer appropriate answers to particular issues, and knowing how and when items ought to be utilized on various sorts of hair. You can visit this site for bail bonds services.

You will likewise need to know how to draw in and hold qualified staff. Clients, for the most part, grow cozy associations with their beauticians. It is normally a similar beautician that does the hair at each arrangement. The connections turn out to be sufficiently close, that the client regularly takes after the hairdresser to various salons. One of your best needs is to abstain from losing workers, and subsequently, holding your customers.

You can offer complimentary administrations without forsaking your center systems. Notwithstanding hair styling, you can likewise consider offering spa or excellence medications for different parts of the body, for example, the nails and feet. The pattern in administrations is to give one-stop accommodations, and your clients are probably going to value having their hair and nails done in the meantime.

Hair Salon Marketing

Who have you informed that you are currently in business? On the off chance that your answer is nobody then here is your first thought: tell the greater part of your loved ones. Utilize the names and email addresses or physical mail locations of everybody you know and send them a flyer telling them that you are presently in the hair styling business and right now taking customers. Incorporate your area and contact data and additionally photos of the work that you have done.

Group Periodical Ad – Church Bulletins, School Flyers,

Promoting can be to a great degree costly and unreasonably expensive, particularly for a hair salon. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done; it should simply be done more keenly. Setting a promotion in a congregation announcement close to your salon or school flyers that children convey home to their folks is an extraordinary approach to publicize. Ordinarily, places of worship and schools offer sponsorship openings in their handouts or periodicals that can be a special asset for neighborhood and group organizations. They are likewise generally exceptionally reasonable. You can similarly test an advertisement in places of worship and school in groups simply outside the area of your salon to help expand your span.

The Beauty of Referrals

The best of all promoting efforts is the referral. Nothing gets a greater number of clients to any business than the referral. There is something about one individual prescribing to someone else an item or administration that they have utilized. More often than not when somebody prescribes something to you, you attempt it. This is the reason you require referrals in your hair salon business.

Advertising your business is essential if you need to be fruitful. So take these thoughts, build an arrangement for your business, and make a move!

Hairstyles for Every Type of Hair

Picking a Perfect Hairstyle

Selecting a perfect hairstyle for you is not as easy as it sounds. Basically, it is an important decision that women or men need to take very carefully because they have to live with them as long as it takes to grow out. Hence, it is significantly important to put in the time and efforts in finding out a suitable hair style that suits best on you. Down below we have shared some key points that you need to consider before heading out to your hairstylist.

You Face Shape

Before opting out for a hairstyle for you, the shape of your face is significantly important to consider. You perhaps not consider this before, but the type of hair style may appear entirely different on people that have contrasting faces. On the other hand, people with oval-shaped faces mien perfect with every type of hairstyle. Whereas, round-shaped faces suits best with slimming haircuts.


Your Life Style

Considerably, this is one of the most significant factors that a person need to consider before picking a hairstyle. Would you be able to style your hair on a daily basis? Do you want to look presentable, all the day? Last but not the least is your daily routine. These are the following questions that you need to answer before committing a particular hairdo.

Your Ability To Style Your Hair

Sometimes cut and blow of your hair necessitate to style every time you wake up. Well, this isn`t a major time commitment. A certain level of proficiency is required while styling your hair. Now, if you have consistency that make your hair look great, then it might not be a bad idea to go for a demanding haircut. Or else, choose to stick with simple hairstraighteners that possibly stays in one place all the time. Flat Irons are best for straightening your Hair.

The Takeaway

You all know there is always an open option of a professional hair salon in which you can take the help of professional hairstylists to take a suitable haircut for you. Experienced hairdressers can foresee what cuts will look good for any particular individual and it`ll never guilt to consider their opinion.




Hair Styles For Every Hair Salon

Are You Searching For An Attractive Look? We’ve Got Solution!

In this 21st century, men and women want their looks to be perfect and it can due to an ample number of reasons like:

  • To make an elegant impression
  • To imitate personal sense of style
  • To mien professional
  • To build confidence level

A great appreciation to the tremendous advancement in science and technology, nowadays we are subjected to variety of options for beautification. One of the fastest ways to improve one’s look is with stylish hair. Even, you too can take benefit of appealing hair style to come out with the desired results.

We entangle complete set of Hair Services and offer our clients a perfect solution for their hair. We include everything ranging from haircuts to specialized hair treatments. These services and treatments from our side can help in enhancing improve your overall look.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into diverse hair services offered by us:

Cut and Style

An attractive haircut is one of the easiest ways to transform your appearance. Because it is quick and effective service that allows you to attain the desired results. We initiate with a consultation session to understand your requirement and then begin the process by utilizing our industry leading knowledge and years of experience.


Recently, there has been a great upsurge in the use of hair colors. A lot of people consider the hair color option in order to modify the appearance or simply cover the grays. For expressing personality, one can easily take help of hair color to elaborate them.

By analyzing your skin color and the face structure, our professionals will recommend the best color choice for your hair. On the other hand, if you have any personal preference, it would be great to share it with our stylist.

After coloring, you requisite to ensure that the color looks good and will last long. Below we have mentioned some services that can help you in improving and retaining your hair color – all these are offered in our Hair Salon Ann Arbor salon.

Color Cleanse: This deals with the removal of any unwanted hair color pigment and also helps in bringing your hair color up to the mark while strengthening your hair in case of a color change.

Color Balancing: It is useful in providing even color from the root to the tip of the hair, resulting in smooth and impressive hair look.

Sew in WeaveIndividual microlinks, Keratin Infusion and Tape-In are some of the ways to weave your hair.


This service includes the process of hair coloring in the form of streaks. Nowadays, most of the modern hair service salon offers them at competitive prices.

A refreshing splash of colors is what this service so popular, nowadays. As per your taste, you can choose the type of shades you want – light or dark shades. You can find more info on colors in our hair salon facebook page.

Brazilian Blowout

Called as one of the beneficial service for your hair – as it benefits you in protecting and improving the superiority of your hair by emerging a layer of protein and smoothing the cuticle. Thus, your hair become much easier to work with, and can be styled easily in any way you would like.

Find some tips here.

Special Hair Treatments

When it comes to hair, you deserve the best treatments. Our team of professional hairstylist always offers the finest for your hair. The day-to-day pollution can harm your hair while making them rough. By considering our services, we can assist you in to get the roughness remove easily, thus giving you smooth and silky hair.

Being one of the best hair service salon, we offer the following hair treatments: 

Glossing Treatment: Colored hair often gets damaged and frizzy when long exposed to sunlight or wash with water containing chlorine. Glossing treatment is best suited for such damages while helping in attaining smoother texture to your hair.

Damage/Dry Remedy Deep Conditioning Treatment: This treatment helps in strengthening the damaged hair through proteins and lipids. They together aim the damaged hair sites to maximize hair’s natural protection against damage.

Olaplex Treatment: Too much use of chemically preserved hair colors and bleach – can damage and weaken your hair. Olaplex procedure helps in creating your hair stronger, resulting in silky and smooth hair at their best.

Here are some influential hair stylists of our times who have impacted our generation.


Questions To Ask Your Stylist before Your Hair Color

 How much experience does hairstylist have?

When you are going for a hair color appointment, make sure it`ll not going to be a confusing experience. Whether it’s the first time you`re coloring your strands or you occupy a knowledgeable color chameleon, it’s significant to ask a question before coloring your hair, before you upswept in Google searches to turn to your stylist.

With extensive professional experience and expertise make hairstylist easy to comprehend your hair care concerns and styles – look the best for you. Alongside, their professional experience and expertise in the beauty industry makes them easy to understand your concern about the look and feel of hair. Well, hair color is a crucial part of your look, therefore, asking questions to your stylist is an important part of the hair color consultation. Now, if you are not sure what to ask?

Here, our professionals have shared some exeriences that you can take into account before your next color appointment takes place:

Do you have a portfolio?

As usually, portfolio express a thousand words. When you enter a salon, stylists’ portfolio creates an impression that encourages you to select a stylist. To select your desired hair color, you can also share pictures of celebrities or photos online for easily expressing your expectations to a stylist. Be careful, that most of the online images are edited or the model could be tiring extensions or a wig, so don’t fret! Thanks to professional, who can easily point out and can guide you towards your dream hair!

 Is there any consultation before the service?

While booking an appointment, make sure to take a consultation before. This is where you interact with your stylist to ensure that you both are on the same page before initiating the process. At the time of your consultation, your stylist will answer your queries or concerns that you may have with your hair goal. In addition, it is a key point for the stylist to break down the price of service for you.

Some of the key points that need to be covered during your consultation:

  • Whether or not it’s possible to achieve your hair color. If not, then suitable steps to achieve your hair goal.
  • The total time mandatory for color process
  • The exact amount of color treatment service
  • Steps to maintain and keep it last long

 Is it possible to achieve the desired look?

No doubt, it is one of the most important questions that you are expecting from your stylist to answer. Fortunately, it will be answered during your consultation – as your hair stylist firstly work with you and then would be able to inform you about the outcome.

For different people, they have different hair story – few have thick/coarse hair, others have thin/fine hair. On the other side of the coin, some have pre-existing hair color, while some have virgin hair that has never had a color service. Make sure to consider these important factors that can affect the result of your hair color service. A little contribution is from the stylist’s as well, whose interest can help you to achieve desired hair goals while keeping the integrity of your hair in mind. A lot of salons provide a benefit of multiple sessions along with their services includes – in-salon treatments and take-home hair care.

Here is a list of top celebrity hairstylists and their work.

 What does my service include & how much will it cost?

Honestly, telling nobody wants to be amazed at the counter, that is why your hair stylist believes in providing you with a breakdown of the complete services at the end of your consultation.